Preschool Ending and Awana Awards

Wednesday night was a bit hectic for us.  I came home from work and we were soon on our way to 2 different engagements.  At 5:30 Trevor had his Preschool’s End of Year Celebration.  The school does not do a “Graduation” but instead does an all school performance.  Each class comes in the chapel and does a song.  This year Trevor’s class did a song about speckled frogs.  It was so cute but it was also sad.  This will be the last time we will attend this particular event.  He is now done with preschool!Image

DSCN0269 DSCN0270

We hightailed it out of there because we had to get to our next venue by 6:30.  We grabbed a cookie and headed on our way.  Good thing the next place was also serving dinner where a certain 5 year old was too cool to sit with his parents!


Next, we attended Awana awards night.  Trevor attends Awana every week and does very well learning all of his memory verses and this was the night all of the kids got recognized for all of their hard work.  It was also a great time of fellowship with our church family.



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Midnight Fun!

For the past few days Trevor has not been feeling well and has been running a fever when not controlled by medicine.  When he went to bed last night he was a little warm and I thought I’ll go ahead and let his body do it’s fighting with a fever.  Well, around midnight I was still not sleeping very well because I kept thinking about how Trevor’s fever was.  So I got up and felt him..he was burning up.  He was kind of awake so I said he needed to take some medicine so he can get the fever down and sleep.  Well, he was not having any of it.  The first attempt ended with the chew-able pill being flung from my hand.  I think it is still somewhere behind his bed.  I asked him if he was thirsty and he said yes.  Great! So I crushed another pill and dissolved it in some water.  He took one sip and tasted the grape flavor…denied.  Sigh.  Ok… By this time Tom got up after hearing the commotion of me trying to reason with Trevor to get him to take his medicine.  “You’ll have to go the the doctor!  You can’t go to school if you don’t get better!”  He then proceeded to say he doesn’t want to get better and he likes being sick.  Sigh.  So then the bribing took over as a last resort ..”I’ll bring you a surprise home if you take the medicine!”  This last plea was met with one of Trevor’s own.  “If you don’t make me take the medicine, I’LL get YOU a surprise!”  HA! I couldn’t help it.. I laughed!  It actually helped the frustration level.  After about a half hour of fighting and crying and pleading (both parties were involved in all of these activities) he finally took the medicine, crushed and hidden in applesauce with sugar in the applesauce as well.  

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See ya in 20 Purndy!

So ya…It’s been awhile… I feel like Facebook has taken the place of blogging but I still want to keep the blog to look back at and remember.  I still need to get the rest of the blog printed out in Photo Book Form.. It’s on my “To Do” list. 

But we are not here to talk about my neglect to my blog.. no… we are hear to wish Purndy some well wishes while he is away for who knows how long… maybe forever??  Forever would break my heart!  I don’t know if I have ever blogged about Purndy.. I don’t think I have… well, let me tell you who Purndy is. 

Purndy is a cow… yes a cow.  BUT not a real cow.  He is Trevor’s imaginary cow friend.  How he was imagined to be a cow I do not know.. could be an ingrained ode to his heritage.  Who knows.  But, he is a cow and his name is Purndy.  Again, I do not know where the name Purndy came from but I like it and have not ever heard of another person or thing named Purndy. 

Purndy has been around for quite some time.  He is Trevor’s playmate and at times gets blamed for things.  But, last night Purndy did something inexcusable and it landed him in the slammer.  Trevor was taking a bath and oh.. I must backtrack for a second.  Sonic has come into the picture.  He has been around for about a month and he is also Trevor’s imaginary friend.  but he is not a cow.. he is a hedgehog.  No my kid is not a 90’s kid although it sounds very much like it, huh? 

Back to the bath.  Trevor was in the bath but Sonic was not because Sonic “does not like to get his fur wet.”  I let Sonic slide on the bath.  Then Trevor proceeds to tell us that Purndy is no longer living with us.  I ask “Where is Purndy?”  Trevor’s response: “He is in jail because he punched me in the face!” 

Well, Purndy.. I fear you must suffer the consequences of your actions and maybe you might get out early for good behavior or maybe not… Till we meet again Purndy if even it’s only in our hearts!

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Christmas 2012

Twas the night before Christmas… and you always get one gift to open!

Christmas 2012 003Christmas 2012 007

Remote Control Cars!!

And then before we lay out cookies & milk for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer we always get new jammies to wear!

Christmas 2012 015 Christmas 2012 019

Christmas 2012 032

Then it was time for Grandpa to read the Christmas story..

Christmas 2012 052

Off to bed we went and wait for Santa to come!  and that he did!

Christmas 2012 079

Christmas 2012 062 Christmas 2012 064 Christmas 2012 071 Christmas 2012 126 Christmas 2012 153 Christmas 2012 164 Copy of Christmas 2012 100


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From our Family to Yours…



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Boys will be boys!

So, yesterday Tom calls me when he gets home after picking up Trevor from preschool.  He says. “So Trevor got in trouble at preschool today.”  Greeeat.  I asked what he did and he said Trevor and his best friend went out of their classroom to the bathroom without any supervision.  The director’s office is right there where she can see the hallway the bathrooms are in and she saw the 2 boys.  The story we got yesterday was that she saw Trevor following his friend to the bathroom.  She told Tom it looked like his friend was leading Trevor so she kinda got more firm with Trevor’s friend than Trevor.  Well I guess the friend was mad that Trevor didn’t get into trouble like he did so that was another issue on top of the fact that the 2 boys got out of the classroom by themselves. Hey…he’s like his Mom and Dad… lay low and avoid conflict, right?

SO!  I got home and talked with Trevor about what happened and I asked who’s idea it was to leave the classroom and he said it was his friend’s idea.  So we talked about what he should do if a friend wants him to do something that is not good.  (He’s 4, right??? Sheesh!)  We ended the chat with the request that when he goes to preschool in the morning he will apologize to his teacher for leaving and he won’t do it anymore.

WELL!  Tom dropped him off today then called me to tell me that Trevor apologized to the teacher like he said he would.  Good boy!  But then Tom talked more with the Director and he got some more insight as to what happened and why the 2 of them decided to leave the classroom and go to the bathroom.  Trevor and his friend (along with I’m sure lots of little boys) think it is funny to talk “poopy” talk.  Like “You’re a poopy-head”… and poopy this and poopy that… Well, I guess the teacher told them they need to take that kind of talk to the bathroom.  SO… they did!  Oh goodness.  They just did as they were told, right?  Lessons learned!

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“When I’m 14…”

I asked Trevor for a hug tonight and he happily obliged. Love that! So I asked him “When you’re 14, will you still give me hugs?” He replied “Ya and when I’m 14 I’m going to argue with you too.” We’ll at least I’ve been warned!

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